Blood Bank Continuing Education

Ah, Continuing Education. Whether you're doing it simply to hone your knowledge, or begrudgingly because your organization or credit maintenance certificate requires it, there exists endless opportunities to learn. 

This is a list of mostly free continuing education (CE) resources.

Blood Bank Guy - Dr. Joe Chaffin aka "Blood Bank Guy" has an excellent website dedicated to learning and exploring the Immunohematology world. There are many videos on the website in the videos section that help to illuminate some of the most critical and topical backgrounds behind Blood Banking. He is able to offer CE credit with a large portion of the podcasts that are available. The podcasts are numbered sequentially as they are released and will have a CE after the number if it qualifies for Continuing Education credit. I have used many of these podcasts for CE purposes and they are full of insightful and curious conversations. The podcasts generally feature Blood Bank Guy as the host while he chats with an expert about a transfusion medicine topic they are well versed in. There is even an accompanying transcription for the entire thing so you can read along with the podcast if needed.

The AABB offers classes, events, and online eCasts that are occasionally available for credit. Per their website " AABB educational programs satisfy the “formal education” option of the ASCP Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)". 

Grifols provides continuing education opportunities that are occasionally applicable towards CE credit. 

New York Blood Center has CE opportunities for credit.

The American Red Cross has a a great online learning system with applicable CE credit. Many webinars are posted regularly throughout the year.  Must be contracted with the Red Cross for access for their SUCCESS online learning modules. 

Immucor has a treasure trove of CE on their E-learning page. You'll have to make an account, but all are welcome to join. 

MABB (Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks) offers occasionally live webinars for credit. 

Versiti Blood Centers offers a wide array of online CE. You will have to create an account, but all are welcome to join. 


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